running is boring?

Anyone who has ever said that they don’t want to get into shape by running because it’s boring, has never tried it.
I’m not saying I’m the most in-shape person, or that I’m a great runner, but since I’ve been training for this half-marathon next month, I’ve learned a tiny little bit about running well.
Here’s what I’ve found – everything counts.

every step counts

how you land that step counts

how you stride though that step counts

every breath counts

every meal counts

pacing yourself counts

your posture counts

what you look at counts

what you do with your hands counts

knowing what your heart is doing counts

tracking your progress counts

– the list goes on…

Does that sound boring to you? It’s sounds intense doesn’t it? What if we lived our lives like this though? Can we afford not to really? Isn’t calling life “boring” an indication that we’ve fallen into the trap of not living well?

I believe that when we really get
that every step and breath matters,
that what we allow our minds to ingest fuels us accordingly,
that how we posture ourselves when we’re tired, and
what pace of life we take on (not too fast, not too slow) determines success or failure,
we simply cannot get bored or in a rut.
The road of life is coming at us- we have no choice in that- but we can and must make the choice as to whether or not to place importance on all the little details.

Because those details, in the long run, count for everything.