instagram: fascinating… mostly

So, Instagram has taken our picture taking/viewing experience hostage for the time being. If you don’t use it on your phone already, you’ve seen it on Facebook; it’s those recent pics of your friends that have a vintage, artistic feel to them.


Apparently we have a fascination with those old crappy faded pictures of our parents when they were young. I mean, this is all they have left of their youth besides some records, a rotary phone and maybe a mood ring, and we’re taking pictures of our pants. In the 70’s the Kodak cameras had .01 megapixel resolution. Today, we have 8 megapixels on our phones (5 on the “old ones”).

And because we have this incredible technology in our pockets at all times, we can now take crystal clear pictures of our plates of food, our TV’s, our pets, our kids, and ourselves (of course). And what do we do? We snap a quick picture of amazing brilliance and then proceed to make it look just like those crumbling memories in our parent’s attic.

Lastly, I am the greatest offender, so I can take a blog entry and make fun of myself. And to be honest, I really enjoy looking at the pics my friends take with Instagram. It’s actually quite amazing and often beautiful. So I wish Instagram, and filtering programs like it, a long and prosperous presence.