to sing…

To sing in earnest is to tap into our wild soul that is bigger than every thing, save the Creator.To sing in earnest is like tattooing your eternal self – that moment will mark you forever and ever.

To sing in earnest is more powerful than death itself – the message echoes on as our breath fades.

To sing in earnest is both a protest and an embrace of our tragedies and weaknesses.

To sing in earnest is a bow to our Creator, like the wind-blown wildflowers bow to the sun.

To sing in earnest is the fastest way to approach the veil of eternity and timelessness and Otherness. For when one hears earnest singing, there is a sense that all the ears in the world cannot fully contain the message and power therein. SomeONE else HAS to be listening or that beautiful and eery echo would be a tragic waste.

To sing in earnest is to slightly explore our intended potential as eternal beings. Our Creator loves to give away some of His secrets.

To sing in earnest is not something to worship – it IS worship.