My Gas Saver

So finally I got that scooter I’ve been researching for so long. Well, OK a little bit of researching and a lot of daydreaming. I wanted something that would get me down the road without being an obstruction to the normal flow of traffic but something small enough to really save on gas. I found this Rocketa 150cc scooter down the road from the house for $1200. Not bad.

Yesterday, in order to acquire my permit, I went to take the written exam and failed. I was uhh… downcast all day yesterday as I restudied my booklet. This morning I passed with 100%. By 8:30 I was headed up Bell Rd with the best of them armed with 16 miles of experience and a respectful fear of all automobiles. I can feel it already getting a little easier to ride, and it’s way fun even though it’s ungodly hot out right now. I can get up and go with all the traffic, cruise at 45 no problem, one time I looked down and I was rolling up to 55.
The gas tank on it is just over a gallon or so, and when I filled it up I had 2 miles on the bike. Now with just under a quarter of a tank I’ve put 65 miles on it! Not bad for driving at 23.7 mpg just last weekl!
So here’s a pic of me and the beast getting to know one another. I would say more but I have a LOT to talk about this week so… that’s my scooter.