mother’s day isn’t always happy

A friend of mine posted this today and I found it particularly moving. I asked her if I could post her thoughts here and she agreed. Reading this, you will hopefully be more aware that there is much tragedy woven within the usual tapestry of the well-deserved accolades we give to mothers this weekend.
Take nothing for granted my friends.

I will wake up on Sunday and may not be able to make the daunting trip into church where I will not be able to pretend that I fit in. I will cry on the way home, if I go. I will cry for myself as I have prayed and waited and begged and screamed to be a mother. I will cry for myself for on this day, more than on any other day in the year, I feel completely alone. I will cry for the other women, and men, who feel isolated today, who may avoid church because at times — believe it or not — the church is insensitive. I will cry for those who have shed more tears than we could know yet do not receive a simple kind word of “I’m thinking of you today”. I will cry for the couples and women who will sit alone today, toughing it out. I do not wish to take anything away from mothers today. I do not wish to diminish the importance of this day and the wonderful and amazing mothers that are celebrated today. I celebrate these mothers today and everyday. I only wish to urge you to remember the mothers-in-waiting on this special day. These are the women who have waited, longed, hoped, dreamed, despaired, and cried with white-knuckled fists raised to the sky. These are the forgotten women.”