in between classes, dinner time thoughts

The more I observe the more I believe that we were not built to thrive in hope for the future. Not that hope is to be shunned. However, the beauty of the moment is where the lungs expand and the heart beats. Each breath and beat is completely invested in this one… and this one… and this one, and it is a gift to open, right now.
Each situation that comes with these moments needs to be unwrapped. Sometimes we can unwrap them wildly; throwing colorful paper up over our heads as we light up at the sight of what’s inside the package. Other times we must, in the quiet of still privacy, pry carefully into them with full knowledge that we might not like what we find, but alas, our name is inscribed on the top and doesn’t everyone have boxes like this one?

Either way, we cannot “wish” something into the box in front of us. It’s already packaged and waiting for us to open it. It is what it is. And do you have the authority to call it dull or bad? Even the Creator celebrates the snowflake, the toad, and the blade of grass that is cut down.

May our clouded vision, fantasy-rooted hopes, and rehearsed habits not forever tame the wildness of the moment at hand. Lungs pull your air and heart push your blood and I will cheer you on, listening to the synchronic orchestra that is played with my every cell, movement, glance, smile and tear.