The past couple of weeks I’ve been fascinated by the planet Mercury. I have a picture of it as my background to my computers, phone, iPad. Here are some facts about Mercury.

-It’s “year” or full orbit around the sun takes 88 of our days.

-It takes 55 of our days for it to rotate around as a night/day.┬áThat means that from sunrise on one day, to afternoon snack-time on the next day, it’s been a year. Wait, something went wrong there. Or did it? Time is relative to space so… it’s snack time right now?

-Mercury’s orbit is oblong so part of it’s year it is quite close to the sun and the other part, it’s relatively far.

-This means part of the year/day it’s crazy hot as in 800 degrees F., and then on the far side of the orbit it dips down to around -300 degrees.

Did you ever see The Chronicles of Riddick? Remember the planet where it went from bitterly cold at night to light-you-on-fire hot in the day? Well, that’s sort of like Mercury but without the cheezy one-liners. I’m guessing of course.

Sometimes I feel like Mercury. I go through stretches of time where I feel like I’m on fire (in the good way). Everything is clicking, my to-do lists are caught up, my family is happy and healthy and I’m livin’ the dream as they say. Other times I feel just way out there, no light, no warmth, no air. I’ll admit it’s a bit dramatic to say that one feels like they are suffocating in the freezing darkness but to varying degrees we’ve all been there. Maybe that orbit is small for you or maybe those times are few and far between.

Thankfully for Mercury, the Sun is huge and it’s gravitational pull is strong and constant. No matter how crazy it gets on Mercury, change is on it’s way. Now I know the similarities break down eventually because we like our 70 – 80 degrees and an atmosphere of oxygen but I guess what I’m trying to say is that in the tougher times we can breathe and know that this is not the entirety of the story. This is not the sum of who we are.

img249Last cool thing. The way Mercury’s orbit goes around the sun (the oblong pattern) it actually makes this daisy looking pattern. To me, that speaks to the fact that along with our personal journeys that include what we would define as good times and bad times there is indeed a big and even beautiful picture that is made as we stay centered around that which gives us light and life.