fog (if I’d had a blog when I was 9 and could write like an adult)


Matthew 18:3 And he (Jesus) said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.


I’m standing in our yard and it’s covered in fog and everything feels so different. I’ve stood right here thousands of times but surrounded by these grounded clouds I can no longer see what is just beyond the tree line or the driveway. What is usually my house and yard is now an exciting dream world with endless possibilities, and welcomed enemies of my imagination, as I’ve crowned myself the undisputed champion king of my immediate domain. Today I will certainly be awarded badges of victory as I bravely sprint into the unknown depths of my gray misty challenger and friend. Here I come Fog! I know your time here is short and so we must play together now, like it’s our last meeting. Quick! Before you leave me for the sky.


So, why did this fog come here today? Mom and Dad says that it’s basically a cloud. A cloud? Come here? Was there something about the ground last night that compelled the rulers of the sky to come and share their majestic fluffiness with us? OR was the ground suddenly fed up with craning its neck upward to watch the clouds go by and then rushed up to join them? So is everything flying now? Or are we being visited by the heavens? A little of both? Also, why does the fog always happen in the morning? Why is it that it’s always dark right before the this magical collision? Enough questions for now, I don’t have time for all the answers. I just want to play.