His tender little heart

Tonight, post-dinner. we were all sitting in the living room. Alissa and I were talking, so we had a cartoon called Oswald on for River. Oswald is a blue octopus that has a little dog named Weenie. Alissa and I support this show because Oswald is spoken by none other than Fred Savage. Who can turn away the star of the Wonder Years?

All of a sudden we notice that River is visibly upset at something. His little lip quivering, he points at the TV. We look and Oswald has lost weenie in a rather involved game of hide and seek. Now, being 22 months we figure that River is mostly invested in the sights and sounds of these cartoons, but never did we think that he was so sympathetic to the characters and the plots.
He became increasingly upset as Oswald called out for Weenie with no result in his search; so much so that big tears welled up in his eyes, spilled over onto his face and he soon ended up, burying his little face in mama’s neck for a tearful exchange as mama and I were touched by his tender little heart reaching out to Oswald.
Of course, Oswald finds Weenie and that is precisely when the sadness gave way to a happy welcoming back with the encouragement from River, to Weenie to have some ice-cream. As a dad I was absolutely moved to the core at how River felt Oswald’s pain so truly and completely. Oh that I would shed my own callouses and feel the pain and need of those around me with half that intensity.