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So yesterday I ran my first half-marathon. This is simply the details about it. First off, it was windy and a bit cool (somewhere in the mid 40’s). We (my friend Rob and I) were lined up way in the back, behind roughly 10,000 folks. This made for an interesting start. Basically the first three miles were spent carefully running through and around a sea of people, most of whom it seemed were out for an easy stroll. So my fears of starting out too fast vanished quickly. The congestion eventually let up and it seemed like no time at all when I looked down at my Garmin/GPS watch and I was clicking over to 7 miles.

After passing a couple live bands, one at a church and one at some random house, I found myself at mile 9. It was about then that I felt like the finish line was pulling me in. I was motivated by the endless line of people in front of me. I guess I figured if they could get that far so could I, even though the farthest I’d run to date was 11 miles. I leaned into it, focused on the areas of my body that didn’t hurt, and took it home the best that I could.

The last mile was routed through Lambeau Field, (where the G.B. Packers play) which was really cool. It was awesome to see my mom in the crowd waving at me. All in all it was a great experience, and I’m definitely motivated to do it again. Here are my mile times according to my Garmin. I’m sure I’m more interested in them than you are but I’m gonna post them for posterity’s sake. My goal was was to average around an 8:20 min mile pace. My actual pace was 8:31 and out of 209 guys my age (35-39) I came in 70th.

Mile 1  – 9:16
Mile 2  – 8:55
Mile 3  – 8:58
Mile 4  – 8:37
Mile 5  – 8:28
Mile 6  – 8:24
Mile 7  – 8:32
Mile 8  – 8:12
Mile 9  – 8:25
Mile 10- 8:25
Mile 11- 8:04
Mile 12- 8:15
Mile 13- 8:11
Cellcom’s results