My Gas Saver

So finally I got that scooter I’ve been researching for so long. Well, OK a little bit of researching and a lot of daydreaming. I wanted something that would get me down the road without being an obstruction to the normal flow of traffic but something small enough to really save on gas. I found this Rocketa 150cc scooter down the road from the house for $1200. Not bad.

Yesterday, in order to acquire my permit, I went to take the written exam and failed. I was uhh… downcast all day yesterday as I restudied my booklet. This morning I passed with 100%. By 8:30 I was headed up Bell Rd with the best of them armed with 16 miles of experience and a respectful fear of all automobiles. I can feel it already getting a little easier to ride, and it’s way fun even though it’s ungodly hot out right now. I can get up and go with all the traffic, cruise at 45 no problem, one time I looked down and I was rolling up to 55.
The gas tank on it is just over a gallon or so, and when I filled it up I had 2 miles on the bike. Now with just under a quarter of a tank I’ve put 65 miles on it! Not bad for driving at 23.7 mpg just last weekl!
So here’s a pic of me and the beast getting to know one another. I would say more but I have a LOT to talk about this week so… that’s my scooter.


Oh yeah the composter!

Well, at long last my composter is here. I took it out in the yard, and started throwing stuff in it. In 4-6 weeks I’ll have some rockin’ compost to throw on whatever I deem is in need. These pics will aid you in sharing the euphoric feeling I have about storing our old, unwanted food in our backyard.

Here it is in all it’s glory. Behind you can sort of see my wife’s hobby. Cloth diapers. Mine is our old food rotting in the yard, and hers is how to decoratively catch River’s excrement. We’re really doin’ it!

Here I am throwing our first composted element, coffee grounds! Let the nitrogen ensue!

Here is my apple core from lunch and a few carrots that didn’t make the grade. Not for you Gatsby!

Going Green

I’ve been thinking a lot of my personal responsibility to take care of the planet. I feel like it’s more than one of my many many phases and/or “kicks”. If you’re paying attention at all to what’s going on here in the U.S. than it’s easy to see that changes are-a-comin’ to how we do life here in the states.

So, in an effort to self-accustom AND do what I can to be responsible I’m beginning the long journey of being green. I’m still royalty in the court of wastefulness but Alissa and I are cloth diapering our little guy River, we put in the CF bulbs, and we’re getting a composter this week or next. We recycle like it’s our job, and we put sun-screens on the house to get the AC bill down this summer.

That being said, this Prince of Landfills seeks to change his name, and not go it alone. My message will get more radical only as my lifestyle leads the way. Until then, I am coddled by my own pollution.