I’m the good guy!

The other day River and I were playing a game where we both have a team of several matchbox size cars and the two teams do “battle”. Our battles include everything from simple crashing, to lasers, to gathering power and strength from absorbing star and planetary energy from parallel universes that eventually collide in the form of our two hands holding our team leaders.

As one might guess, there is more description of the action going on than actual action, but I like that. It feels good to stretch the imagination muscles and I love hearing his ideas. At one point in our conversation though, he casually referred to my guy as the bad guy. I was like “Wait, my team’s the bad guys? I though your team was the bad guys!” River looked at me like I wasn’t speaking English. Clearly we had gotten lost in our own perspectives.

It was funny in that setting but how often does this happen in real life? We engage our surroundings and assume that we are the “good team”, that our point of view is the solid, time-tested perspective of the smart or moral or informed, and never for one second take a step back to ask the powerful and humble question “What if I’m not right on this one?

I know that I need to do this more. Maybe next time River and I need to figure out if we’re going to battle each other or take on the multiverse as a unified front of unbeatable supercars.