Oh yeah the composter!

Well, at long last my composter is here. I took it out in the yard, and started throwing stuff in it. In 4-6 weeks I’ll have some rockin’ compost to throw on whatever I deem is in need. These pics will aid you in sharing the euphoric feeling I have about storing our old, unwanted food in our backyard.

Here it is in all it’s glory. Behind you can sort of see my wife’s hobby. Cloth diapers. Mine is our old food rotting in the yard, and hers is how to decoratively catch River’s excrement. We’re really doin’ it!

Here I am throwing our first composted element, coffee grounds! Let the nitrogen ensue!

Here is my apple core from lunch and a few carrots that didn’t make the grade. Not for you Gatsby!


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Jared Edwards

husband, dad, musician, fitness enthusiast, occasional blogger.

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