Going Green

I’ve been thinking a lot of my personal responsibility to take care of the planet. I feel like it’s more than one of my many many phases and/or “kicks”. If you’re paying attention at all to what’s going on here in the U.S. than it’s easy to see that changes are-a-comin’ to how we do life here in the states.

So, in an effort to self-accustom AND do what I can to be responsible I’m beginning the long journey of being green. I’m still royalty in the court of wastefulness but Alissa and I are cloth diapering our little guy River, we put in the CF bulbs, and we’re getting a composter this week or next. We recycle like it’s our job, and we put sun-screens on the house to get the AC bill down this summer.

That being said, this Prince of Landfills seeks to change his name, and not go it alone. My message will get more radical only as my lifestyle leads the way. Until then, I am coddled by my own pollution.


Published by

Jared Edwards

husband, dad, musician, fitness enthusiast, occasional blogger.

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